We transform dreams, plans and ideas into stunning homes, smartly designed spaces with beautifully crafted results. By working closely and honestly with our clients, we’ve grown a reputation for cleverly making the best possible use of time, budget, space and materials.

The ultimate goal is to create a unique environment, designed to accommodate time-poor professionals and busy families. To be honest, it is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

Helping You Achieve Your Building Goals


  • Create more floor, wall and living space
  • Warm up cold spaces
  • Simplify your floor plan
  • Update your tired Kitchen and brighten-up your bathroom
  • Banish your teenagers to their own wing!


Kick-start your project now!

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New Homes

  • Build your dream home
  • Minimise maintenance when you move into your brand new home
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Custom Furniture & Cabinetry

  • Custom design furniture specifically designed for a room or space
  • Kitchen & Bathroom cabinetry you WILL NOT find anywhere else
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The Process

Planning Session

Contact us and we’ll make a time to meet for your “Free Planning Session.” In this meeting we’ll discuss your ideas, wants and needs.

Topics covered in this meeting:
  1. Budget
  2. Timeframes
  3. Aspects of the Project personal to you
4. Council consents
5. Specific site considerations
6. The building process in detail
7. Common mistakes and how to avoid them
8. The renovation roller coaster
This will help to insure that all of your expectations are realistic and achievable.
We will end with a discussion about the next step.

Concept Drawings

After considering all of your needs from the planning session we will assist you in obtaining a set of concept drawings to give you a first look what your finished project will look like.

These plans are used for:

  1. Initial financial discussions with your bank or lender.
  2. Perceived valuations.
  3. Initial ruff build costs (based on square meter rates).
  4. Checking that your happy with the overall design and shape.

Once you’re happy, then it’s on to the next step.

Working Drawings and Specifications

Your chosen architect produces a set of working drawings, which show you exactly how your finished project will look.

These plans are used for:

  1. Obtaining consents from the council.
  2. Pricing the project.
  3. Insuring that the full scope of the project is understood.
  4. Minimising, isolating or eliminating any problems, before they happen.
  5. Financial Lending.

Once you’ve approved the working drawings, and worked out your specifications they are submitted to the council for building consent, and it’s on to the next step.

Detailed Budget Costing

We use a Quantity Surveyor to put together a detailed breakdown of costs. He will work with you to insure that as many of the costs are identified as possible. During this process we can:

  1. Obtain the most competitive sub contractor prices.
  2. Make sure that all of your personal specifications are priced.
  3. Make sure you fully understand your figures and know where all of your money is going.
  4. Fine tune if necessary to meet your budget.

After working with the Quantity surveyor, we will be able to give you a final price for your project.

Contract and terms
Once the price is calculated and the terms are agreed, we sign the contract and move to the Construction start date.


During the construction process we will:

  1. Manage the project
  2. Keep you informed of progress
  3. Monitor the budget
  4. Monitor the timeline


Post Build

After completion of your project, we will help you compile the documentation and submit your code of compliance application.

Can we change things after the plan has been signed-off?

Yes, of course. There’s nothing worse than thinking post-completion ‘if only we had done this or that while we were thinking about it’. Please feel free to tell us while your new home is being built or renovation is underway. You’re involved every step of the way with the flexibility to make changes as and when required. If we can work the changes within your budget, we will do our very best to avoid any additional costs. However, sometimes we just can’t so we will discuss this with you at the time.