Renovation Guide



Consider the weather when planning exterior work, lost time due to bad weather is often a loss you must absorb.

Spring and Autumn are the unsettled seasons, and although you can have exterior work done on your property, it could cost you more time, money or both.

The ‘Lie of the Land’

Work done on a steep site will cost more

After about 5degrees of a slope, the percentage cost of Ground Works, Construction Work and Finishing Work, changes significantly. As the site increases in slope so too does the proportion of project cost absorbed by the cost of ground works. So from a relatively even one-third split, the project costs on a steep site look more like the below diagram.

Don’t Blow it

The more time spent on planning, the less chance of surprise costs
Be honest with us about what you want
Make a list likes and dislikes
Renovation work needs to have a contingency fund. Have a B Plan ready

Be Sun Smart

Spending some time figuring out the best place to put a new window, room or kitchen can be the difference between a good renovation and a great one.

Are your affairs in order?

Spending money on a new extension, or bathroom, may not be the best idea if your roof needs replacing or your piles need stabilising. You could end up spending good money after bad.

Exterior before interior – Make a list of the maintenance work that’s required and add it to your renovation project.

If your buying and renovating, will you be needing a helicopter?

Site access affects the cost of renovating, taking down the neighbours fence and fixing their lawn.

Hand digging the footings because there’s no way to get in a digger.

Take the time to get to know your neighbours. Spending your hard earned cash on creating a great home, may become upsetting when you find out there’s a brothel next door

Move Out, it’s cheaper.

When planning a large alteration to your home, consider moving to a rental. This also ensures you avoid the noise and disruption to your, and your families, daily life.

Hands on

Clearing the proposed work site, before work starts can save you money. This is because once it becomes a construction site, OSH regulations prevent you from doing so.

Here are some useful sites: